When it comes to online classes for kids, there’s no shortage of options. But what makes an online class awesome versus merely so-so? Here are three of the top factors to consider in your search.

#1: Exceptional Instructors

For many kids, the novelty of online instruction wore off months ago. If one of your objectives in an online class is that it keeps your child engaged and occupied, high-quality instructors are absolutely essential.

Questions to consider:

  • Do the instructors have prior experience working with kids?
  • Are the instructors enthusiastic, dynamic, and knowledgeable? Will they get my kids excited about what they’re doing?
  • Are there enough adults to engage all the kids? What’s the camper-to-instructor ratio?
Camp Galileo Anywhere - Online Classes for Kids. Join us on a Detective Adventure!

#2: High-Quality Curriculum

Chances are that you’re looking for an online class where your kids develop new skills, supplement what they’re learning in school, and have a blast. Steer clear of one-size-fits-all options and opt instead for classes with age-appropriate curriculum that strikes the balance between enriching and fun.

Questions to consider:

  • Does the class provide customized activities specific to my child’s age group?
  • Is the class hands-on? Will my kid watch, or will my kid do?
  • Do the activities support critical thinking and creative expression?
  • Do the activities give my child a chance to learn something new, or to dig deeper into something they already love?
  • For multi-day classes, will my kids be offered enough variety to ensure they stay interested over time, or do the activities feel repetitive?
  • Does this class offer something my child isn’t already getting at school or at home?

#3: Easy-Peasy Logistics

You know what’s awesome? Learning something new. You know what’s not awesome? Technical issues and last-minute supply scrambles. For an online class experience that’s all fun and no frustration, look for a class provider that’s got their logistics on lock.

Questions to consider:

  • Is the provider’s video conferencing tool one we know how to use or can easily learn?
  • What kind of supplies will be used during the class? How will we know?
  • Will the provider send an email with everything I need to know to get ready?
  • Does the class timing offer my family and child structure, flexibility, or both?

Learn Joyfully.

At Galileo Online, Pre-K – 8th graders can choose from a range of engaging online classes for kids that are so fun, they won’t even notice that they’re learning. Single-session and multi-day offerings are enrolling now.

“Our son was so excited to share what he created and that he was an INNOVATOR! He participated in the class more than I’ve ever seen him with other activities!” —Arlington Heights, IL

“Galileo provided a wonderful class in which my child was able to use his imagination and artistic skills, interact with other children, and be visionary. The positive attitude of the instructor made my child feel like the sky is the limit.” —Smithtown, NY

“I loved that this was something unique and hands-on. It was such a great way for my son to learn.” —Wilmington, DE

“My 3rd grader loved the Majestic Castles class. We’ve taken a few different online classes offered by various providers and this was by far her favorite! She liked it so much that she kept on building after the class ended and even tried to teach her little brother how to build one too.” —Castro Valley, CA