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Why Galileo -

A summer camp like no other

Inspired by the Stanford, the legendary Galileo Innovation Approach helps us unlock the innovative potential in every camper

We Help Kids Become Innovators

Kids have tons of fun at Galileo camps. But along the way, they also learn something with the potential to change them—and the world—profoundly. They learn how to innovate.

With every STEAM project they create and teamwork challenge they take on, they’re practicing a whole new way to look at the world, to apply what they know and see their endeavors through to the end. Today it’s a perfectly calibrated catapult or a detailed dinosaur costume. Tomorrow it could be a school project or a neighborhood initiative—or a brand-new, game-changing idea the world has never seen before.

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Three parts, endless possibilities

The Galileo Innovation Approach (or “the GIA” for short) is our proprietary three-part framework designed to teach kids to think and create like innovators. We believe all they need is:

  1. The right mindset for approaching any project or challenge
  2. Knowledge that informs their choices and guides their thinking
  3. A process that supports transforming their ideas into reality
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The Innovator's Mindset

How innovators approach the world sets the stage for what’s possible. Here are the five mindset elements we help kids develop at camp:

Be Visionary

  • Envision a better world
  • Imagine things that don’t exist yet
  • Believe you can turn ideas into reality

Be Courageous

  • Freely share your creative ideas
  • Embrace challenges
  • Try new things with gusto

Be Collaborative

  • Value other people’s perspective and ideas
  • Build on other people’s ideas
  • Use your own strengths to help others

Be Determined

  • Understand that setbacks are an opportunity to learn
  • Embrace the idea that innovation and mastery take effort
  • Persevere until you reach your goal

Be Reflective

  • Take time to reflect on what is and isn’t working in your design
  • Ask how your work impacts other people and the world
  • Seek feedback to improve

The Innovator's Knowledge

True innovation doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Here are the four types of knowledge we help kids understand to astutely approach new challenges:

Concepts and Facts

  • The big ideas, principles and facts relevant to their work

Historical Context

  • The contributions of relevant movements, artists, scientists, designers and other experts that came before them


Skills and Techniques

  • How to use materials, tools and technology that allow them to effectively create, test and share their ideas

Audience & Environment

  • The needs and circumstances of their users and the physical context in which their work will be received


The Innovator's Process


Innovators take an active role in shaping their world. We empower kids to transform their ideas into reality using a multi-step process that embraces failure and includes lots of testing, redesigning and testing again:


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