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Brentwood & Santa Monica Summer Camp | Camp Galileo

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Brentwood/Santa Monica Summer Camp


St. Martin of Tours Elementary School

Summer day camp in Brentwood/Santa Monica. Join us for an exciting summer of mind-bending STEAM projects and outrageously fun camp traditions for K-8th graders.


Camp Hours: 9am – 3pm

AM Extended Care: 8am – 9am

PM Extended Care: 3pm – 6pm

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Brentwood/Santa Monica Camp Information

| Check-In/Out Information

Check-In and Check-Out

On Monday morning, please plan to park in the lot using the school’s 2nd (middle) driveway on Saltair Ave. and walk your kids into the check-in area. Check in will take place from 8:30-9am. We require a parent or guardian to check-in campers on Monday.

On Tuesday – Friday, we’ll offer curbside drop-off ONLY from 8:45-9am. Enter the parking lot using the school’s 2nd (middle) driveway on Saltair Ave. Staff will greet you at the designated drop off zones and they will walk your kids into camp—no need to park. Loop around and exit the parking lot and turn LEFT back on to Saltair Ave.

For check-out every day, please use the school’s 2nd (middle) driveway on Saltair Ave. to enter the parking lot. Park and walk into the camp site. Look for signs and staff who will direct you to your campers’ check-out location.

Note: When exiting the parking lot, please make a LEFT turn only. 

Extended Care Instructions

For AM Extended Care, park in the school lot and walk your kids to the extended care check-in area each morning. 

For PM Extended Care pick-ups or when the parking lot is closed (9:05am-3pm), please park on Saltair Ave. and walk to the gate using the school’s first driveway. Call the camp line and a staff member will let you into campus. 

| What To Bring Each Day

All items must be labeled with your camper’s name on it.






    (only on Thursday for Water Day)


    (After first Monday)


    (If applicable)


| On The Thursday Before Camp Week


Log in to your account and review your registration details, including Health History.


Check that you have included all of the right adults as emergency/authorized pick-up contacts


Make sure you have signed up for extended care if needed.

| Parking Information

For check-in (including AM extended care) and daily check-out please turn on Saltair Ave. and enter the school lot using the school's middle (2nd) driveway from Sunset Blvd. Note: When exiting the parking lot, please make a LEFT turn only. For all other times, please park on Saltair Ave. and use the schools pedestrian gate accessible from the school's first driveway (closest to Sunset Blvd.).

| Contacting Camp

For anything urgent during camp hours:

Call the camp phone at (925) 306-4546.

For questions about your upcoming camp week, current week attendance or changes to your authorized pickups, call the camp phone at (925) 306-4546.

For any other questions about your camp location or feedback about your camper’s experience: Please email your Camp Director at

Scheduling and Pricing

| Schedule

Summer Camp 2024 Enrollment Now Open!

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If your program is waitlisted please sign up. It’s likely we will be adding availability in our camps as we continue to work with the location to secure more space and add weeks.
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| Pricing

1st Week


CIT Pricing: $

Multi Session Discount


Extended Care AM: $
Extended Care PM: $

Extended Care AM and PM


2nd-5th Week


CIT Pricing: $

Multi Session Discount


Extended Care AM: $
Extended Care PM: $

Extended Care AM and PM


6th Week


CIT Pricing: $

Multi Session Discount


Extended Care AM: $
Extended Care PM: $

Extended Care AM and PM


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*Meteor Go Kart weeks will incur a $100 materials fee.

Get Ready For Summer Fun

Check out our camp guide for general camp information

Camp Galileo Guide

Brentwood / Santa Monica Summer Camps

Prepare for an extraordinary summer adventure at Camp Galileo in Brentwood / Santa Monica, California. This is not your average summer camp– it’s a remarkable blend of learning, friendship activity and pure fun, all wrapped into one incredible journey.

At Camp Galileo, every camper has the opportunity to unlock their potential and acquire new skills in science, art, design and engineering. Camp Galileo is also a vibrant hub of social interaction, where lifelong friendships are formed, laughter fills the air and unforgettable memories are made.

Summer Camp Activities: Designed For All

With the support and encouragement of our dedicated staff, campers delve into STEAM projects where they gain new insights and build confidence in their science, technology, engineering, art and math skills.

Engaging design activities allow campers’ creativity to flourish, and our award-winning curriculumnurtures kids’ problem-solving skills. Kids will have a blast building carnival games, excavating dinosaur bones and painting stained-glass art.

Camp Galileo helps children develop essential life skills and embrace positive values. Our experienced staff wholeheartedly encourages outdoor exploration, providing ample opportunities for physical activities and creative endeavors that foster character development and personal growth.

Part of the Camp Galileo magic lies in the friendships formed at our Brentwood summer camp. Bringing together kids from different schools and neighborhoods, we create a harmonious atmosphere that nurtures lasting connections.

Experience Galileo in Brentwood / SANTA MONICA

Our Brentwood / Santa Monica summer camp will give your kids the chance to learn new skills, gain independence, develop friendships and build self-confidence. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. Enroll in Camp Galileo today!


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