We just marked another annual World Teachers’ Day, and there’s no doubt about it, educators have never been under more pressure than they are now—and that’s saying a lot. With physical distancing heading into its eighth month, civil unrest across the country, and an unusual presidential election season, teachers are creatively (and heroically!) navigating uncharted territory, trying to support engaging equitable distance learning, and juggle personal commitments.

Honoring Educators

From social media giveaways to the quotes below from our community, we’re taking time this week to honor the Herculean efforts on the part of over 3 million teachers in our country today. We hope every single educator out there is uplifted and inspired by the gems collected below.

What Kids Are Saying

You’re still making an indelible impact on your students from afar. Just check out what these delightful students had to say:

  • “I love Ms. Oliver because she is so fun and bright and it seems like she’s always in a good mood. That helps me if I’m feeling sad or blue because she helps me be in a good mood too and that makes me feel good. Plus she teaches me a lot of stuff and makes things fun.” — Frances, age 6
  • “Teachers never give up! I appreciate the resiliency they have exhibited. Whatever happens or comes their way, they work hard for us and for our future.” — Luke, age 13 
  • “I love my teacher Ms. Di Fiore because even though we can’t go into class she still makes us feel like we are IN class by making us feel connected to each other. I like that she does exercise videos with us. They are really silly and fun. There is one that’s called the “Dinosaur Stomp” that’s really fun because we get to act like dinosaurs and “chomp it chomp it”. Ms. Di Fiore is very sweet and is doing very good figuring out all the kinks in Zoom.” — Arlene, age 7
  • “The best part about being a student is having teachers! Going into class every day (or, I guess, clicking on a Zoom link now) and you know that there will be someone there who cares deeply about you and your education. They always manage to show up for you right when you need it most.” — Lucy, age 15
  • “I love teachers because they’re fun and they make us learn stuff we don’t already know.” — Penelope, age 4

Tips From Fellow Educators

We’re hearing a lot about self-care right now, which feels especially tricky for teachers to balance right now. Try taking what Sarah (our VP of SoCal Operations) calls, “little sips” then check out a few ideas from other educators:

  • “After the insane amount of stress I felt last spring, and having never found a way to deal with it, this year I have started meditating. I am not great about doing it daily but when I feel that stress, that heaviness in my chest, I use the Calm app and just 10 minutes has really helped! I feel more able to handle the stress with a clear mind.” — Gretchen, pre-K teacher
  • “The Brene Brown “Unlocking Us‘ podcast is gold right now!” — Jorel, Galileo Camp Director & current CGA virtual instructor
  • “Do what you can to stay connected to what you love! As an artist, creating gets me out of some major funks. For me, that consists of making theater videos with my brother for kids, cutting music for my dance students, or building classes for my own fitness hustle. Creating is a big part of my life that keeps me sane!” — Allison, 2nd/3rd grade teacher and former Galileo Team Leader
  • “I make sure to get up and take some time for myself before meeting with the students. Coffee, time with God to get my spirit moving, and some Pilates to get my body moving. A few other things that are helping: a regularly scheduled, distanced walking date with my neighbor and fully logging off for the weekend. I always come back much more refreshed when I stick to that!” — Kim, 5th grade teacher
  • “It’s important in these tumultuous times to show others grace. We [teachers] are making an impact by giving stability and love to our students, and we need to give just as much love and care to ourselves. I try to take a breath and remind myself that I’m doing just fine, and we will come out of this stronger than ever, but that means taking care of our own hearts and selves first before we can put that care out into the world.” — Allie, 4th grade teacher and Galileo Camp Director
  • “Self-care is so hard right now because there are so many roadblocks in the ways I would usually manage stress! Right now, something that is bringing me joy is gardening. It helps me get into a zone where I don’t have to think about grading, concerns about students, or my own childcare issues!” — Lindsay, 7th/8th grade teacher

Gratitude From Parents

Members of our Galileo HQ team share their words of recognition and respect for educators making a difference for their kids:

  • “With all the politics in my area around returning to school in person, teachers have been caught in the middle. Because of this, we can’t assume they know what superheroes we think they are; we must also say it! We couldn’t be getting through this without their commitment.” — Hope, Galileo Regional Director, Orange County
  • “Teachers are everything! I’ve been so impressed with their creativity in finding ways to make remote learning fun. It makes me feel like my kid is really being thought of and taken care of. The stuff he gets to do and create really makes it feel like he’s not missing out on his kindergarten year at all. I also feel taken care of myself! Having constant, thoughtful communication from my son’s teacher helps me sort out all of the school work that comes home for him and ensure that I don’t get overwhelmed by it. I am so grateful for our teachers!” — Shauna, Galileo Director of Professional Development & Training
  • “My daughter’s 2nd grade teacher is a rockstar. She’s teaching a combo 2nd/3rd grade class and is going above and beyond to reach the needs of students from both grade levels. She’s dedicated to making sure she stays connected with every student in her class despite us all being virtual. We appreciate her so much!” — Ashley, Galileo Regional Director, LA South Bay 
  • “Teachers right now are doing the impossible: engaging kids through a screen, making learning fun on Zoom, meeting kids where they are, and individualizing learning while learning new digital platforms. I am in awe of their dedication and determination, and so very grateful for their hard work and heart.” — Maggie, Galileo VP of Programs
  • “I thank teachers so much for everything they’re doing now to support us. In a world of constant challenge, they’re the continued bright spot for our kids (and us parents) each day!” — Matteo, Galileo Regional Director, East Bay Area 
If you’re not an educator, be sure to thank one today for their endless determination and commitment. If you are an educator and looking for loads of creative content to bring to life virtually, check out our Galileo Anywhere archive of free resources.


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