In its first year, the Spark Innovation Scholarship drew an incredible response from aspiring educators across the country. It wasn’t easy, but we selected three stellar recipients.

We can’t wait to introduce you to these visionary, passionate leaders who will help develop tomorrow’s innovators in their communities.

First up is Salina Ibrahim, a student at Loyola University Chicago. Hear directly from Salina: “I want to inspire my students to take classroom learning into the real world and use it to address authentic issues they see in their communities. I can say that I want to be a social justice educator, but it isn’t until I inspire my students as innovators, especially when it comes to addressing societal concerns, that I can truly inhabit that role.” Are you as moved as we were? We thought you might be.

Thanh-Nguyen Nguyen, a student at UC Davis and a 3-year CG San Jose Evergreen staffer, has also been named a 2018 recipient. Thanh shared that “when we empower children to not only think outside the box, or color outside the lines, or test their impossible theories until they become reality, we show them the endless possibilities the world has to offer.” We couldn’t agree more, Thanh.

And next is Mayrna Dababneh, a student at Northwestern University. Mayra demonstrated her passion for education as a rockstar Summer Intern at CG Winnetka this past summer, and authentically expressed her goal to, “empower young people to overcome stereotypes and limitations with regards to gender, race, religion, or socioeconomic status.”

Congratulations to these outstanding changemakers!

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