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Innovator's Club |

Innovator’s Club

Back to school and ready to innovate

Experience Galileo-style innovation all year long with our online after-school club for kindergarten – 5th graders. Designed to complement school-day learning with fun, hands-on projects, Innovator’s Club delivers joyful enrichment on a convenient weekly schedule.

Kick off your club membership this September and give your kids something new to craft, construct or invent every week—igniting their curiosity and building lasting creative confidence along the way.

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Innovator’s Club by age

Using a process inspired by the Stanford, our curriculum builds age-appropriate innovation skills that deepen as kids grow. Here’s a peek at a few sample activities.

Kindergarten - 1st Grade

Practice paper folding, cutting and collaging techniques to craft a quirky creature and a scaly-skinned dinosaur. Build strong construction skills brick-by-brick with a custom Lego car. Investigate aerodynamics and embrace determination as you launch a high-flying glider.

2nd - 3rd Grade

Explore elasticity and master 3D paper construction as you build a rubber band-powered cannon and a marvelous marble roller coaster. Practice designing characters and drawing facial features for a four-panel comic strip. Be visionary to craft an inventive, dimensional alien mask.

4th - 5th Grade

Be courageous in tackling cardboard construction to engineer cool custom cabinets and a sturdy phone stand. Add some awesome to your online interactions by designing a virtual zoom background. Sample culinary innovation as you whip up one-of-a-kind cheesecakes and popsicles.

Innovator’s Club Schedules

Innovator’s Club groups meet at the same time, led by the same instructor, in the same small cohort, every week. Pick your grade group and time zone in the calendar below to find the club that fits your schedule.

8 Reasons to love Innovator’s Club

  1. Creativity-sparking projects only require a few simple materials.
  2. Engaging online experience so captivating that the screen melts away.
  3. Experienced, enthusiastic instructors stay with the same group all year.
  4. Small groups with a 1:12 instructor-to-child ratio inspire social connection.
  5. A consistent schedule with after-school club times for 75-90 minutes every week.
  6. A welcome break for parents while kids are happily learning and making friends
  7. Convenient subscription options auto—renew until you are ready to cancel.
  8. Membership benefits include bonus projects, exclusive discounts and much more!
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