We are pleased to inform you that we welcome camper aides, provided that they go through our onboarding process prior to the start of camp. NOTE: This process can take up to two weeks and needs to be completed before the start of your camp week.

While our camps aren’t specifically designed to accommodate campers with special needs, many kids with a wide range of needs have had great experiences with us over the years. If your child has a 1:1 aide at school, it is likely that given the nature of Galileo’s programming, which is delivered “classroom style,” your child would benefit from the same level of support.

We can usually accommodate most common needs and/or potential challenges, but we know that every person and family is unique. Given the nature of our programming, Galileo is not able to  provide 1:1 support or act as the primary aides for any individual camper.  If your child requires the assistance of an aide at camp, it is the responsibility of the family to complete the Camper Aide process.

Please feel free to contact our customer service team HERE for more information about whether our camp would be a good fit for your child.