We do not have universal camp “themes” this summer and carefully craft the cultural experience to include loads of camp magic and big summer fun.

Still, many campers and families define their experience by the impressive projects they take home and so, Nebula, Star and Supernova camp weeks are named for the projects campers create in their Innovator’s Studio rotations. (6 unique weeks x 3 age groups = 18 topics). These topics have been selected to inspire high interest and engagement for each cohort and they differ from age-group to age-group and week to week.

Similarly, Meteors camp weeks are named for their main project of the week.

CIT weeks are unnamed however the curriculum offers a variety of activities for instructors to select at their discretion and in accordance with the group’s interests — with 3 options for most rotations or 3ish weeks of unique programming.

Official program week names and schedule can be found here