Galileo’s innovation camps are about more than just the innovative projects kids make there. They’re also about a whole new mindset kids develop at camp—a visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined, reflective approach to the world that will keep them innovating throughout their lives.

You might think we’re crazy to tell you that a change this significant can happen at a summer camp. And even crazier to say that you’ll see the difference in your kids after just one week. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

This summer, we asked the same Galileo campers the same questions on the Monday of their first week of camp, and then again on Friday. Here’s what they had to say:

What does it mean to be visionary?
Monday: “I don’t know”; “to see something”
Friday: “Be creative and try as many things as you can”; “Think of things you are going to make and how you will make it”

What does it mean to be collaborative?
Monday: “Teamwork”; “I am not sure”; “I don’t know”
Friday: “To join forces with someone who has a weakness or who has a strength you do not have to accomplish something”; “To work together”; “To help each other be successful”

What does it mean to be determined?
Monday: “Um, let me think about it”; “I don’t really know”; “When something is hard”
Friday: “Stick to whatever you are trying to achieve”; “Try real hard and get stuff done even if it is real tough”; “Never give up”

In the space between Monday and Friday, these kids—and thousands like them across our camps—started thinking like innovators. They worked together with their peers and recognized the unique strengths they could bring to the table. They didn’t get discouraged by setbacks. They had one-of-a-kind ideas that they turned into reality. They started believing they could—and should—contribute something to the world. And, as crazy as it sounds, it all happened in just one week.

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