We couldn’t be more excited about the plans we have in store for 2019. Specifically, we’ve got a fresh new roster of Galileo Summer Quest majors that we can’t wait to share with you. This lineup is designed not only to inspire and ignite passions in 5th – 8th graders and explore technologies taking the world by storm, but of course, to create opportunities for campers to practice thinking and acting like innovators.

From Virtual Reality to DIY Hoodie, there’s sure to be a major your kid will fall in love with. Here’s a brief preview of the majors coming to a camp near you this summer:

3D Modeling and Printing

3D printing is an innovative technology that demands hands-on practice (and plenty of failed attempts) to master, but it’s so fun to learn. Some prints will inevitably collapse or come out imperfectly—it’s all part of the design process. While we’ll make sure you get plenty of hands-on practice, the experience may include failed prints. In this major, your kids can bring their own designs to another dimension, learning modeling techniques, and designing characters, structures, or their own personalized creations. Campers will share their experience in an end-of-session showcase before taking their customized files, completed prints, and modeling software home to keep honing the skills they learned at camp.

Chefology: Breakfast Club

We all know the saying: breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Kids will create and culture homemade yogurt; boil and bake bagels from scratch; innovate on classic recipes like pancakes and muffins; and practice plating, pairing, and garnishing like real chefs. By the end of the week, each kid will create a signature dish as a mix of their favorite recipes to serve at a end-of-session feast for family and friends.

Chefology: Decadent Desserts (REDESIGNED & BRAND NEW FOR 2019)

We are so excited for this brand new major that’s all about sophisticated sweets. Put your junior pastry chef to work on inventive new versions of favorites, including cheesecake and apple pie. Your kid can take their ice cream to the next level, creating custom frozen treats topped with sauces, flavored whipped cream, and (everyone’s favorite) gummy candies. At the end of each session, your camper will take home a cookbook full of sweet treats created by them and their fellow confectioners.

DIY Hoodie (NEW)

Let your kid bring their cozy vision to reality, creating a hoodie of their own design. Campers  will master the basics of machine sewing, then use these skills to transform soft fleece into a perfect sweatshirt with a tailored hood, pockets, and cuffs. Each camper can add a personalized touch with designs made from heat transfer vinyl, or elevate the design with a headphone channel or thumbholes. At the end of the session, we’ll capture all the comfy masterpieces in a photo shoot, so campers can take home a lookbook full of stylish hoodie designs.

Drone Innovators (NEW)

Launch into the future of drone technology with this major. Your kids will program a Parrot Mambo quadcopter to carry out real-world missions, including obstacle course navigation and disaster relief. Campers will learn how to modify a drone for manual flight, design custom attachments to transform the drone into a music video worthy flying character that will make even Katy Perry jealous! At the end of the session, campers can demo their innovative idea in a realistic simulated city, then take home videos of their drone in action.

Go-Kart Builders

Transform a pile of wood, rubber, and steel into a rideable reality to create a custom go-kart. Campers will learn the importance of measuring twice and cutting once, how to drill pilot holes, handle a handsaw, and use a rasp and file. They will work with hand and power tools to assemble the kart’s wheels and axles, steering column, hood, and seats. All karts will debut in an end-of-session show, then kids can roll home in their one-of-a-kind ride.

Mystery Room: The Great Escape

We’ve created our very own Galileo-designed escape room and we challenge you to break out! In this major, campers will have to figure out how to escape, then use what they learn to create their own room by investigating a range of puzzle types and systems for puzzle flow. Working as a collaborative team, campers will experiment with padlocks, hydraulics, simple circuitry, magnets, and more as they build out the features of their room. At the end of the session, family and friends are invited to puzzle their way out of the unique escape room.

Robot Pet

In this major, campers can design and build their perfect pet using corrugated plastic and Arduino-type microprocessors to breathe life into any robot animal they can dream up, from puppies to ladybugs, and kittens to dragons (or perhaps a mashup of their favorite two). Bring friends and family in at the end of the week to meet the playful pet, and then take your new friend home with you.

Virtual Reality

Have you ever wanted to escape to a world of your own design? In this major, campers will design custom VR environments with a 3D world building tool called CoSpaces, adding characters and coding simple programs to bring their actions to life. Focus in on one favorite aspect of VR as your kid can shape their original story, testing it and perfecting it with help from fellow world builders. At the end of the week, campers can take home their own cardboard VR viewer, get access to CoSpaces, and allow friends and family to explore the virtual experience they’ve created using any mobile device.

YouTube Producers

Kids will be the star of their own show by creating a YouTube channel all their own. In this major, campers will explore a range of different video styles, including DIYs, parodies, and screencasts, making their own version of each. Each kid will plan their production schedule, write the script, set up their own lighting, and make short films in HD, adding special effects in editing. At the end of the week, the finished videos can be shared with family, friends, and the world.

We hope you’re just as excited about this year’s majors as we are. Be sure to mark your calendars for our enrollment launch on January 10 to lock in your top major picks for this year.

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