Hi families,

As we pack up the last of our paintbrushes, 3-D printers and cake pans, I want to thank you for being part of the Glen Tripp, Galileo FOunder & CEO, with a Camp Galileo camper Galileo community this camp season.

As I visited our camps near and far this summer, I was inspired to see our staff guiding your kids to boldly make DIY vacuum cleaners, speedy go-karts, hot new breakfast dishes, and so much more. It’s universal—from Lincoln Park to Pasadena to Palo Alto, kids find joy in creating. And when they are surrounded by a culture that supports that and are taught a process that helps them go from idea to reality, they build innovation muscles that last well beyond camp.

The Galileo team works 12 months a year to create awesome experiences for kids. Here are some things we are excited to build on in the coming months:

  • For campers that are pre-K-3rd grade this fall, we’ve just put the finishing touches on all the themes for next year. Stay tuned for program announcements in December, but I know you’re going to love them.
  • For campers that are in 4th grade and higher this fall, we look forward to having you participate in Galileo Summer Quest next year, or perhaps you’ll try our exciting new pilot just for rising 5th-6th graders.
  • Our Counselor in Training program pilot for 7th-10th graders was a big success, and we look forward to bringing it to many more communities next year. It was so fun to see this group going deeper with the Galileo Innovation Approach and then offering their support to younger campers.
  • We’re going to continue reviewing our operational and training procedures to ensure that you experience the smooth and safe summer we are known for.
  • We’re launching a monthly newsletter for parents interested in developing their kids into innovators who envision and create a better world. You will see your first issue in September.

We hope your school year is off to an inspiring start and that your kids continue to build innovation skills to create fearlessly and joyfully all year long.

Best wishes,

Glen Tripp

Galileo Founder & CEO