Just in time for Thanksgiving, the fall break classes at Galileo Anywhere offer age-appropriate ways to keep kids learning, making, and laughing while school’s out.

Three thoughtfully-designed seasonal exclusives are available for each age group. Sign up for just one, or go for the full set. These fall break favorites are scheduled specifically so that innovators joining for multiple classes can count on the same time slot each day. Don’t wait too long to snag your spot—these classes won’t return until next autumn.

Here’s a peek at some of the adventures in store this Thanksgiving break.

Pre-K & Kindergarten

Scarecrow Adventure

Harvest a heap of autumn excitement with a scarecrow of your own design.

What kids will do

Pitch in to protect a field full of seeds from hungry birds. Be collaborative as you help your farmer guide design one big scarecrow, building on your fellow farmers’ ideas and offering up new ones for features that can keep the birds at bay. Color in your own creative scarecrow, then test its seed-saving power against a flock of imaginary crows.

What parents are saying

“The teacher was enthusiastic and encouraging. My daughter has a hard time staying focused and on task, and she still got the support she needed. Wonderful teachers working a little bit of magic during such a strange time in our lives.”

—Kelly, Long Beach, CA

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First Grade

Paper Crafters: Pouch Pal Cards

Craft a character-shaped fall card with a secret pouch to hold notes of gratitude.

What kids will do

Practice paper folding and symmetrical cutting to craft a card shaped like any character you choose, complete with a pouch on its belly to hold notes of gratitude and arms that fold closed to hide them. Use pattern drawing techniques to embellish your creation and Be visionary to bring every imaginative detail to life. Deliver your one-of-a-kind greeting to someone special for a hearty helping of fall cheer.

What parents are saying

“Our kids can’t get enough of these classes! My son loved the playful atmosphere and the opportunity to be creative and was so proud of his little bird card. He was engaged the entire time. It felt different from the way he interacts in his distance learning classes—with Galileo, he gets to be goofy and feels seen by the instructor.”

—Gillian, Pleasant Hill, CA

Galileo Anywhere: Special Edition Live Online Classes for Kindergarteners

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Second and Third Grade

Paper Builders: Seasonal Decorations

Craft a colorful collection of paper ornaments inspired by autumn leaves.

What kids will do

Carefully craft paper strips into loops, teardrops and diamonds, then Be reflective as you shape them into symmetrical leaf shapes. Practice paper curling skills to embellish each decoration with spirals, then attach string for hanging and find the perfect place to display your festive fall creations.

What parents are saying

“This was a great class and my son got involved very quickly. He made something beautiful that became a gift for his grandmother. He also practiced his fine motor skills and learned to be reflective when creating art.”

—Chandra, San Francisco, CA

Camp Galileo Anywhere: Online Holiday Crafts for 2nd and 3rd Graders. Special Edition. Seasonal Ornaments

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Fourth and Fifth Grade

Graham Cracker DIY: Edible Architecture

Create a candy-covered graham cracker house filled with sweet memories.

What kids will do

Learn a batch of deliciously innovative building techniques to construct sturdy 3D shapes using boxed graham crackers and royal icing you whip up yourself. Be visionary by imagining inventive ways to arrange your edible building blocks and hide written memories inside, then add festive candy details to dress your dwelling for the season. Share your tasty creation with your family, breaking open the walls to reveal your favorite fall memories.

What parents are saying

“What a great project! My son really enjoyed learning how to prepare the icing and this class gave him a boost of confidence in his capabilities in the kitchen. I loved seeing his proud smile at the end.”

—Ola, Los Angeles, CA

Galileo Anywhere - Seasonal Online Classes. Edible Architecture for 4th & 5th grade kids

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Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Grade

Master Makers: Surprise Confetti Box

Surprise someone you’re thankful for this fall with an inventively engineered gift box.

What kids will do

Use the propulsive power of rubber bands to design a box that pops open and latches shut. Add spacers to modify the pulling forces, then be determined to adjust them so your box springs open at the rate you choose. Finish your clever contraption with one additional element—a special message, paper confetti, launching cutouts or exterior decoration—to dazzle and delight your lucky giftee.

What parents are saying

“My daughter really enjoyed this class. The project was fun and the instructor was knowledgeable and friendly. The end product is also very satisfying. In fact, my daughter’s birthday is coming up and she asked that we create a surprise box for her birthday!”

—Ninaliv, Brooklyn, NY

Galileo Anywhere: Seasonal Edition! Engineer a Surprise Gift Box

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More Classes for Fall Break (and Beyond)

Ready for the next adventure? There’s so much more to explore at Galileo Anywhere. Check out the full roster of enriching, imagination-sparking classes for pre-K – 8th graders.