There’s no denying it: parents (like you!) are superheroes. Even in regular times, you’re a capeless crusader who’s pulled off superhuman feats of grocery shopping, homework helping, meal making, game playing, bandage applying, and bear hugging. This year, many of you pulled double-duty as teachers or tech support, too.

Whether your secret identity is Mom, Dad, or someone else, you’re someone to be thankful for. And since you wouldn’t be a parent without your kids, here are three fun ways for you and your kids to celebrate this special day together.

#1: Design some family flags.

Not only does this project spruce up a window with some fun flair: it’s also a great way to connect with all the members of your family. When your family members share their ideas for the flags, try asking them more about their choices. For example, why would they choose to be that animal, or what do they feel when they look at that color?

See the step-by-step instructions here.

#2: Say it with a song.

Sometimes a person is so awesome that the only thing to do is sing about it. For those moments, there’s the singing telegram. Create and share a unique song (or poem!) that highlights the things you love about your family . This works great in person and even over the phone or on a video call if the people you’re celebrating live in different places.

Need some inspiration? Find it here.

#3: Make the ultimate breakfast in bed.

Is there any act of parental appreciation more iconic than breakfast in bed? Build a menu together, plate your dishes, and serve it all up with a thoughtful thank-you treat. To kick off your menu, check out these customizable recipes for pancakes, omelets, smoothies, and muffins.

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