Our Camp Galileo campers grades 3rd-5th

Elementary school is prime time for nurturing kids’ intense curiosity both in the classroom and out. At Camp Galileo, we foster your child’s curiosity in a dynamic and fun way. With a diverse range of themed camp sessions, there’s something for nearly every camper, which is one of the traits that makes Camp Galileo so very special.

What's it mean to be a Supernova?

Students who are heading into the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade can join in the fun as Camp Galileo Supernovas. Supernovas get to discover, play and socialize as they take part in multi-day projects, designed to promote creativity, critical thinking and innovation. Kids in this age group enjoy small camper-to-staff ratios; this allows more freedom for exploration to be intertwined with the ideal amount of guidance they need to succeed. Notably, soon-to-be 5th graders can also opt to enroll in our Galileo Summer Quest program, where burgeoning innovators are invited to dive into one of 11 immersive majors for the week. Our dedicated team is happy to help you choose the program that’s best suited for your kid.

While new campers are welcome at any time, many Camp Galileo Supernovas are returning campers who have been attending the program for several years. Many of our campers start out as Nebulas when they’re preschool- and kindergarten-age. Kids heading into the 1st and 2nd grades are Stars. Over the years, we’ve heard so many anecdotes from parents whose kids returned home from Camp Galileo bursting with new ideas and concepts. We love seeing campers leave our sessions with a new vocabulary and mindset of innovation, ready to take on whatever new challenges the world has in store.

So what’s an average day like for a Camp Galileo Supernova? Well, Supernovas take part in multi-day projects, which means your kids get to really delve into their chosen theme. This aligns with the greater curiosity and the longer attention span that 3rd through 5th graders tend to exhibit at this point in their development. And to promote a greater sense of balance, Supernovas split their time between art, science, and—of course—outdoor activities.

Galileo’s Supernovas really shine as they stretch those mental muscles developing theories, strategizing, innovating and analyzing. In fact, you shouldn’t be surprised if your camper returns home with a totally new perspective. For instance, kids learn that a mistake or an incorrect hypothesis can actually bring greater insight—and yes, even more fun!—than a traditional “success.” This kind of thinking sets our campers up for a lifetime of innovation as they feel more comfortable and determined to confidently test their theories and ideas in the world.

A typical day at Camp Galileo