Meet Neil, co-founder and chairman of Plum Organics, founder and CEO of Habit, and most recently named Global Brand President of Harley Davidson. He’s also the proud father of two girls, Izzy and Paxton.

As a parent, Neil is always looking for resources to help his daughters express themselves creatively while building confidence and self-esteem in the process. Sensing a shortage of creativity and problem-solving based learning in the traditional school day, he chose to make Galileo a part of his family’s summer plans.

Our summer camps are meticulously designed to ignite creative problem-solving skills in kids as they explore exciting concepts and tackle hands-on projects. That speaks to parents like Neil. Just as importantly, the off-the-charts fun of the camp day speaks to kids like Izzy and Paxton.

Want to learn more about why families choose to make Galileo a part of their summer? Take it from Neil:

Summer is here, and we’d love to see you at camp this year. Whether it’s a one week-long session or more, you can go into the summer knowing that it will be both fun and transformative for your child. Click below to learn more about the camps near you. 👇