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DIY Project Ideas & Educational Activities for Kids | Galileo Blog

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Breaking Through Artists’ Block

You know the feeling: you sit down to tackle a creative project, only to find that you’re completely at a loss for how to begin. Whether you’re five or fifty-five, a creative block can strike any project, transforming something as... Read more

The Best Summer Day Camps Foster an Innovators Mindset

Innovation powers our world. From the harnessing of fire to the creation of the wheel to sending rockets into space, innovation has and continues to lead to breakthroughs that change society in crucial ways. But you also don’t have to... Read more

STEAM Project Based Learning Puts Kids in the Driver’s Seat

The United States has long been associated with innovation and ingenuity—think about the space program and the advent of personal computers! But as American students began to lag behind some of their international counterparts on science and math tests, there... Read more

Creative Art Summer Camps Promotes Full-Spectrum Fun

Creative play adds color to childhood. Think crayons and fingerpaint, riddles and rhymes, costumes and skits. Born with fertile imaginations and without the insecurities and inhibitions that can come later in life, kids tell whimsical stories, build elaborate forts and... Read more

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