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7 New Ways to Have an Awesome Halloween

In a year marked by reworking holiday traditions, Halloween—the first big event in many families’ holiday seasons—may feel like a bit of a question mark. Don’t despair: with a little imagination, there are many ways outside of the ordinary for... Read more

Glen Tripp on being Courageous

We define courage as being willing to share your creative thoughts, stretching yourself to try new things and embracing challenges. Indeed, being willing to fail, even publicly, is essential for innovation—and kids are very afraid of it. It seems that... Read more

Raising Visionary Kids

At Galileo, we design our programs to develop and reinforce the five traits that make up the Innovator’s Mindset. This month we focus on the first of these traits: Innovators are VISIONARY. Please don’t fear this word. Being visionary is... Read more