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Blog: Bright Ideas

Top Reasons to Send Your Kids to Summer Camp for Multiple Weeks

May 15th, 2018

Memories of camp bring to mind summer fun, the great outdoors and interacting with friends. Specialized camps evoke thoughts of team challenges, skills development and unusual locations. Parents have various reasons to send kids to summer camp, and sometimes one... Read more

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Summer STEM Activities at Camp Can Forestall Boredom

April 27th, 2018

Science, technology, engineering, arts and math are cornerstones of human progress, and STEM and STEAM camps and programs have garnered a lot of important attention in recent years. These disciplines are crucial to the future of the human race. This... Read more

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Computer Science Summer Camps Offer High Impact Fun and Essential Preparation for the Future

April 25th, 2018

By some estimates, when today’s elementary students enter the workforce, 65% will hold jobs that do not yet exist. With the rapid pace of technological advancement, parents and educators puzzle over how to best prepare kids with the knowledge and... Read more

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