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December 17th, 2021

Jobs at Camp Galileo: Videos

Galileo is searching for amazing mission-driven educators, staff and camp counselors with energy and passion to teach kids the joy of learning through a unique innovation curriculum that teaches skills for the future. Galileo offers summer day camp jobs and... Read more

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July 27th, 2020

Distance Learning Tips for Educators, from Educators

It’s no secret that teaching is hard work—and that was before distance learning arrived on the scene en masse. If the new format is throwing you for a loop, you’re not alone. Teachers, kids, and caregivers are all navigating unfamiliar... Read more

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June 22nd, 2020

“This Fourth of July is Yours, Not Mine.”

There is no doubt that, for many of us, the Fourth of July conjures up nostalgia for carefree summer days, barbecues, and fireworks. The same is true for me. As a first-generation Black woman in America, there is also an... Read more

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March 31st, 2019

Introducing Camp Galileo’s Wildest New Theme (April Fools!)

Happy April Fools’ Day, Galileans! Alas, there’s no sloth-based theme coming to Camp Galileo… yet. 😉 Still want to check out the “details” of this imaginary theme? Read on! — At Galileo, innovation isn’t just in our orbit: it’s the sun... Read more

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