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Galileo’s Mission Archives |

October 24th, 2022

Encouraging Courage in Kids: 8 Easy Tips

At Galileo, when we talk about courage, we don’t mean staring down danger or taking crazy risks. Our brand of courage—one of the five essential elements of an innovator’s mindset—simply means creating without the fear of failure holding you back.... Read more

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August 31st, 2021

Books to Help Develop an Innovator’s Mindset

How innovators approach the world sets the stage for what’s possible. The Innovator’s Mindset—one aspect of the approach that informs all of Galileo’s programs—is one that is visionary, courageous, collaborative, determined, and reflective. This mindset isn’t just the stuff of... Read more

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May 7th, 2021

5 Reasons You Can’t Miss Camp Galileo

Between silly camp traditions, awesome counselors, and activities so fun kids might not even notice they’re learning, there’s lots of good to go around. Here are the top five reasons why Camp Galileo is the can’t-miss event of the summer.... Read more

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March 22nd, 2021

Raising Reflective Kids

When we have a personal or team goal to reach, reflection plays a key role in helping us get there. Innovators are willing to invest time and energy in reflection as part of their process. The first step is looking... Read more

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