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Renaissance Adventure

Pre-K - 5th Theme


Take an epic journey back in time to the workshops of Renaissance Italy.

Create realistically rendered portraits, ornately embellished attire or pamphlets printed from etched wooden text blocks. Draw inspiration from da Vinci’s inventions as you engineer submarines, cranes, flying machines or automata. Escape from the Dark Ages and get ready to innovate on a rollicking Renaissance adventure.

Nebulas (Pre-K – K)

Art: Shed some light on Renaissance art, honing your line-drawing and stenciling skills to create dazzling illuminated letters. Craft textured, etched-foam stamps, then practice printmaking as you use them to adorn the border of your own wearable cloak.

Science: Explore the ups and downs of invention as you experiment with mass and density to build a neutrally buoyant submarine. Be inspired by da Vinci’s plans for an ideal city, teaming up with your fellow engineers to construct a sprawling system of raised roadways.

Outdoors: Turn the outdoors into an open-air workshop as you collaborate with your team to form a group hoop sculpture masterpiece. Trek from one side of the kingdom to the other without getting tagged by a swiftly expanding human wall. Trek from one city state to the other without getting tagged by a swiftly expanding human wall.

Stars (1st – 2nd grades)

Art: Come face to face with the art of self-portraiture as you practice observation, color mixing and drawing proportional features for your own Renaissance portrait. Craft a fancy fabric-covered hat complete with etched filigree designs and decorative foam feathers.

Science: Reach innovative new heights. Design a crane using cranks, counterweights and a reverse-engineered, da Vinci-style winch to lift a heavy load. Collaborate with your team to build a sturdy revolving bridge designed to swing across a body of water.

Outdoors: Bring the Renaissance to life as you transform into shape-shifting pieces of art in a sly game of Sneaky Statues. Take your inventor’s ingenuity on the go, working together with your fellow Stars to travel across a bridgeless river.

Supernovas (3rd – 5th grades)

Art: Print a pamphlet with a moving message. Learn about movable type and Gutenberg’s press as you use wood text blocks to produce an enduring statement. Practice the printmaking skill of linocutting to create images that enhance your words.

Science: Become a Renaissance machine maker as you engineer a da Vinci-inspired automaton. Learn about rotational and linear motion, then build a cam, cam follower and crankshaft to power unique scenes and characters that move in sequence with the turn of a crank.

Outdoors: Move outdoors and up in the ranks as you choose poses that set you apart and help you advance from apprentice to master. Work as a team of Renaissance artists to create a commissioned portrait using an unusual, unwieldy drawing device.