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Makers Workshop

Pre-K - 5th Theme


Make everything you need—or could ever imagine—with your own two hands.

Give your room a DIY redesign with stools, clocks or door hangings of your own creation. Build useful inventions to take home like vacuums, handcarts or alarm-wired safes. Harness your innovative energy and join the marvelous maker community as you transform intriguing ideas into fun, functional reality.

Nebulas (Pre-K – K)

Art: Outfit your space in artistic style. Create a personalized, patterned door hanging from custom crayon rubbings, stencils and beads. Learn how to transform fabrics with everyday materials as you use colored tissue paper and water to dye your own nightshirt.

Science: Make a home sweet home for the great outdoors as you construct and test a life-sized tent supported by sturdy beams. Engineer a handcart complete with strong handles, well-aligned wheels and roomy storage compartments to tote home the week’s projects.

Outdoors: Put your making skills to the musical test by forming a team to create a human xylophone that plays fun, silly sounds. Work together with your team to rescue a treasure trove of DIY supplies guarded by a grumpy pirate.

Stars (1st – 2nd grades)

Art: Make dazzling décor for your room. Design, draw and cut out an animal silhouette to adorn the shade of a seasonally themed night light. Create a cardboard stool you can really sit on with a hand-printed fabric seat, pattern-painted frame and decorative trim.

Science: Engineer a pair of powerful picker-uppers. Explore the concept of friction as you make a hinged grabber that can clasp and carry a variety of objects. Learn the basics of circuitry and suction, then build and wire a working vacuum cleaner outfitted with a motor, canister and filter.

Outdoors: Have some hands-on fun as you pair up to invent a handshake for your secret maker society. Get inspired from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, collaborating with your fellow Stars to create shapes and letters with your bodies.

Supernovas (3rd – 5th grades)

Art: Create art that keeps perfect time. Brainstorm and sketch ideas for an inventive, character-inspired clock, complete with a detailed painted background. Assemble your clock mechanism and use advanced shading techniques to transform your design into a ticking, textured reality.

Science: Lock down your desktop security with a safe only you can open. Engineer a safe box, combination lock and lock plate, incorporating personalized clues as you build. Use simple circuits and a seesaw mechanism to carefully create and calibrate your safe’s alarm.

Outdoors: Tinker with a traditional game of catch by adding some improvisation, reimagining the ball as a range of silly objects you can to toss to other players. Turn your inventive ideas into outdoor fun as you make up a brand-new game for your team to play.