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Expedition to Everest

Pre-K - 5th Theme


Embark on an exhilarating adventure to the earth's highest peak.

Create tactile art inspired by the crafts and culture of Nepal and Tibet. Explore the science of scaling mountains as you make blizzard shelters, self-arrest tools or rescue robots designed to keep climbers safe. Pack your bags, plot your route and prepare to reach innovative new heights on the climb of a lifetime.

Nebulas (Pre-K – K)

Art: Get inspired by the elephants that live in Chitwan National Park to create a richly textured, brightly painted pachyderm puppet. Explore the mindful meaning of concentric art, then use cardboard, wood and oil pastels to craft your own unique circular piece.

Science: Mind the gap as you engineer an anchored straw bridge that’s long and strong enough to span an icy crevasse. Build a sled to haul your cargo, testing and reworking your design until it can lug its load securely down a bumpy mountainside.

Outdoors: Reach the pinnacle of frosty fun as you play a mountain-themed game of freeze tag. Use your trusty parachute to keep you safe on your climb, pitching a parachute tent and keeping your fellow Nebulas cozy underneath it.

Stars (1st – 2nd grades)

Art: Learn how birds symbolize courage in Himalayan culture, then create your own fearless fowl art adorned with custom stamped symbols. Fashion a cozy winter hat embellished with patterned paper and insulated with furry flaps to keep you warm on your mountain trek.

Science: Create a personalized mini climber to test your Everest equipment, then use it to try out snow anchors and self-arrest tools of your own design. Collaborate with your fellow mountaineers to design a structurally sound shelter that can withstand the weight of an avalanche.

Outdoors: Keep an eye out for unwelcome Everest-dwellers in a round of snowball tag that pits climbers against snow monsters. Team up to find shelter in a rapidly disappearing collection of tents before a snowstorm blows into basecamp.

Supernovas (3rd – 5th grades)

Art: Try your hand at puppetry as you craft a Nepalese-style character puppet. Use paper, clay and fabric to create a flexible figure with a decoupaged head, expressive features and strong, articulated arms. Decorate your creation with clothing, hair and handcrafted accessories.

Science: Harness the power of hydraulics to engineer a rescue robot. Build a sturdy, symmetrical frame with hinged arms and a system of tubes and syringes to power them. Design climbing tools and articulated devices to help your bot move up the mountain and save stranded climbers.

Outdoors: Find your footing in one of Everest’s icy rivers, working together with your team to stay safely afloat on fewer and fewer patches of solid ice. Make your side of the mountain spic and span as you compete to keep cast-off climber trash from landing in your space.