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@Tech Class


If your kids love technology and computers, then they’re going to have a blast learning how to expand and create their digital worlds.

3D Game Design with Unreal Engine*+
Full-day class

Design and play like the pros with your own virtual game. Use design platform Unreal Engine to mold terrain, set camera angles, adjust lighting, populate objects and program behaviors as you create an exciting, original platforming game within a 3D world.

Code Masters with Python*+
Full-day class

Revamped for 2019 – Take your programming skills to the next level with this full-day coding experience. Learn universal coding concepts such as data structures, algorithms and run-time complexity as you write code to solve real-world problems. (We strongly recommend campers have previous experience with coding before signing up for this class.)

iOS App Development with Swift*
Find out what it takes to become a registered developer as you design an app for Apple mobile devices. Learn the basics of Xcode and the programming language Swift, then collaborate with your team to create a custom iOS app. (Also offered: iOS App Development with Swift – Girls Only)

Virtual Reality with Unity*
Dive into an immersive reality of your own design. Uncover the possibilities of Google Cardboard as you build a virtual reality viewer, then use an experimental VR toolkit and Unity 3D to design your own engaging, interactive world for mobile devices.

With the exception of Masters classes, all Summer Camps @ The Tech offerings, regardless of grade level, cater to campers of all knowledge and skill levels.

* These classes require an additional $50 equipment fee. Full-day classes already include equipment fees in their pricing.

+ This is a full-day class and runs from 9am-4pm.