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Chefology: Breakfast Club

5th - 8th Major


Take the most important meal of the day and reinvent it your way. Transform traditional morning fare with innovative takes on delectable pancakes and mouth-watering muffins with custom crumb toppings. Infuse fun flavors into your own syrups and jams. Customize and create crunchy granola for the perfect yogurt parfait. Boil and bake your own bagels from scratch. Practice plating, pairing and garnishing like a pro. Create a signature dish by mixing and matching your favorite recipes for an end-of-session feast with family and friends, then take home a cookbook full of breakfast fare you and your fellow chefs created during the week.

Chefology is designed to accommodate campers with nut allergies. There are no nuts of any kind in our recipes and all classrooms are nut-free. Dairy, wheat, and eggs will be present in the classroom and included in certain recipes. Some ingredients we use may have been processed in facilities that also process nuts and/or wheat products. If you need further clarification or have an allergy concern not addressed here, please contact our customer service team at 800-854-3684.