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THEME - Galileo Olympic Games |

Galileo Olympic Games

Pre-K - 6th Grade Themes


Go for the gold in a triumphant Olympic journey.

Craft victory wreaths, Olympic medals and art inspired by Greek Mythology. Investigate the science behind athletes and their equipment as you build balancing gymnasts, archery bows or robots that can practice judo or play soccer. Light your torch and prove your mettle at the most innovative summer games in history.



Art: Get fired up for the games. Create your own Olympic torch, complete with patterned handle and mixed media “flames.” Practice sgraffito and paper-ripping techniques to craft a symmetrical pair of Hermes-inspired ankle wings.

Science: Explore the science of stability. Build a gymnastics bar strong and balanced enough to support a swinging wooden gymnast. Tee up some miniature fun as you design a model Olympic golf course, complete with tee box, hole, hazards and sturdy putter.

Outdoors: Unleash your inner Olympian as you row, run and swim your way through a sports-themed round of Simon Says. Work with your team to put your heads (and elbows, and knees) together in the partner-swapping game Athlete to Athlete.


Art: Draw artistic inspiration from the symbols of the games. Learn about low relief sculpture as you mold and paint a pair of gold medals. Use stenciling techniques and etched-foam stamps of your own design to paint and print a unique Olympic flag.

Science: Let your knowledge of physics fly as you harness the power of tension to construct a strong, flexible archery bow. Learn about trajectory and stored energy, then create a catapulting basketball shooter fine-tuned for accuracy and consistency.

Outdoors: Race to the finish in a Galileo-style track and field event, tossing balls from tarp to tarp without letting them touch the ground. Pair up in teams of chariots and riders to navigate an ancient Greece-inspired obstacle course.


3rd and 4th at select Bay Area camps with Meteors

Art: Get wise to Greek mythology. Experiment with linocutting techniques and positive and negative space as you carve an Athena-inspired owl block print. Test a variety of colors and layouts, then print your design on fabric to create a one-of-a-kind T-shirt.

Science: Master the mechanics of martial arts. Engineer a judo robot with a customized, craft stick base designed to keep it stable in a match. Build pneumatic systems that power your robot as it turns side to side, moves its mechanized appendages and grapples with other bots.

Outdoors: Claim victory in team sports with a Galileo twist, like working together to retrieve your stolen mascot in Capture the Chicken. Step up to the plate in a wacky version of baseball that lets you throw a rubber chicken instead of batting a ball.


New for 2020 at select Bay Area locations
Project Time: Keep your eye on the ball as you design a remote-controlled, soccer-playing robot. Personalize your player with molded foam features and an original, mixed-media jersey. Build a transmitter, wire your motor and put your bot to the test with soccer challenges like ball handling and goal scoring.

Club Time: Let the games begin! Build an “olympic-sized” PVC sprinkler tunnel, drilling holes where you want the water to spray and decking it out in waterproof decorations. Work with your fellow Meteors to whip up some flavorful chocolate fudge.