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CLASS - Engineering & Tinkering |

Engineering & Tinkering

@Tech Class


If your kid continually surprises you with some truly innovative inventions, then they’ll love exploring our engineering offerings.

Circuits and Electronics
Plug into the electrifying world of circuitry. Learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering, decipher schematic diagrams and build working circuits. Harness your creativity and newfound circuitry skills to design components for a collaborative, electrified community. (Also offered: Circuits and Electronics – Girls Only)

Environmental Engineer (New in 2019)
Devise sustainable solutions to our planet’s most pressing problems. Learn the fundamentals of environmental engineering and explore issues from pollution to renewable energy as you generate designs for a green community. (Also offered: Environmental Engineer – Girls Only)

LEGO® Robotics*
Create and command your own LEGO-powered robot. Use Technic pieces for building and Mindstorm NXT software for programming as you teach your robot to maneuver through obstacles, complete challenges and navigate a diverse terrain.

Robotics Engineer*
Break into the realm of robotics to discover the ways machines shape our world. Build your own bot from the wheels up and learn some programming basics. Design the code you need to teach your robot to complete a range of real-world challenges. (Also offered: Robotics Engineer – Girls Only)

Sports Engineer: Fitness Tech*
Revamped for 2019 – Explore the intersection of design, technology and human physiology as you keep pace with the latest fitness tech. Use your coding and sewing skills to engineer a wearable device that can track physiological feats from step count to heart rate.

With the exception of Masters classes, all Summer Camps @ The Tech offerings, regardless of grade level, cater to campers of all knowledge and skill levels.

* These classes require an additional $50 equipment fee. Full-day classes already include equipment fees in their pricing.