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THEME - Dinosaur Dig |

Dinosaur Dig


Investigate dinosaurs from tiny to titanic during Dinosaur Dig week. You’ll create clay-covered eggs, fossil-carrying carts, a 3D dino structure or a stenciled chair in this prehistoric adventure.


Nebula (Pre-K and kindergarten)

Investigate dinosaurs from tiny to titanic. Start small, crafting a clay-covered egg in a collaged-paper nest, plus a colorful cardboard grownup to protect it from predators. Collaborate with a partner to engineer an enormous titanosaur that’s big enough to reach tall trees but balanced enough to not tip over. Play a classic outdoor game with a prehistoric twist, racing under London Bridge as a hopping velociraptor or a flying pterodactyl.

Star (1st and 2nd Grades)

Get decked out and geared up for your dig. Disguise yourself as a dino from tip to toe, using etching and masking techniques to create colorfully painted, realistically textured head crests and feet. Shore up your paper construction skills as you build a cart that can safely carry fossils over rough cave terrain. Roll outdoors for a game of Dino Bowling, working with your team to listen for specific species names, then racing to knock over the pins.

Supernova (3rd and 4th Grades)

Transform your fossil finds into dinos both artistic and articulated. Become a paleoartist as you design a 3D dinosaur exhibit featuring a paper-mache armature, sculpted clay head and cut foam appendages. Engineer a carefully counterbalanced theropod with a pneumatic jaw full of customized teeth and jointed claws designed for grabbing. Clear the way for outdoor fun as you work with your team to cut a path across the dig site without stepping in sinking quicksand.

Meteor (5th and 6th Grades)

Outfit your dig site in wildly relaxing style with a portable chair you design yourself. Hone some basic woodworking skills as you measure, saw and drill to build your two-part chair frame. Personalize the size, seat and back design, opting for wooden slats, canvas panels or woven strips. Embellish your chair with custom stencils and add handy pockets or carrying straps to suit every situation, from fossil finding to camping to backyard barbeques.

*Grades for each camper are based on the grade they will enter in fall 2022


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