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THEME - Castle Quest |

Castle Quest


Adventures abound in this medieval-themed camp where you’ll craft castles, catapults or dragon puppets. Prepare for a thrilling week of dragons, jousting and everything in between.


Nebula (Pre-K and Kindergarten)

Fashion fantastical creatures and fortified castles. Print your own paper, then use it to craft a richly textured dragon puppet with wings, horns or any other features you can dream up. Build a Nebula-size castle with a working drawbridge that can support a wheelbarrow when it’s down and protect against dragons when it’s up. Journey beyond the drawbridge for some outdoor fun with Kings, Queens and Jacks, a game of medieval commands where you help make the rules.

Star (1ST and 2nd Grade)

Use heroic amounts of determination to dress your court and defend your castle. Design a stamp etched with your personal coat of arms, then use it to print a fabric surcoat fit for a knight. Construct a reinforced castle with sturdy walls, keeps and drawbridges, built to withstand a beating from a battering ram. Head outdoors for more medieval-inspired excitement, working with your team to hop across the castle moat without falling in.

Supernova (3rd and 4th Grade)

Outfit your royal residence with stunning windows and a striking launcher. Make a stained-glass masterpiece, using real glass paints to create medieval-inspired symbols on a plexiglass pane. Build a colossal catapult with a sturdy frame, hinged throwing arm, trajectory-tested bucket and custom projectiles. Take to the courtyard for a Galileo-style jousting tournament, armed with pool-noodle swords with bandana tips you have to protect from the opposing team.

Meteor (5th and 6th Grade)

Mount a refreshing castle defense with a mighty water blaster. Practice using saws, drills and clamps as you shape PVC tubing into the ultimate launcher. Learn how a piston can generate pressure, then create and test different nozzles to figure out which one fits your blaster best. Mount your tank, fine-tune your water flow and add a few custom artistic embellishments. Take it out for a spin with an epic water game you and your fellow Meteors invent yourself.

*Grades for each camper are based on the grade they will enter in fall 2022


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