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CLASS - Arts & Design |

Arts & Design

@Tech Class


If your child is constantly coming up with new ideas for art projects or stories, nurture their creative confidence with our art and design classes.

3D Animation*+
Full-day class

Breathe life into any character or environment you can imagine in this full-day class. Use industry standard software Autodesk Maya to create 3D rendered models from the skeleton up, then apply basic animation concepts to make your unique characters move on-screen.

Graphic Design with Adobe (New in 2019)*
Unleash your inner artist as you transform your design vision into reality. Learn the ins and outs of Adobe Creative Suite and the basics of branding as you take designs from creative concept to recognizable brand and build a pitch-ready portfolio.

Hollywood Producer: Movie Magic*
Bring your Hollywood vision to life on the big screen. Work with your production team, using digital cameras and iMovie to transform the elements of your masterpiece—plot, direction, editing and more—into a blockbuster hit in any genre you choose.

With the exception of Masters classes, all Summer Camps @ The Tech offerings, regardless of grade level, cater to campers of all knowledge and skill levels.

* These classes require an additional $50 equipment fee. Full-day classes already include equipment fees in their pricing.

+ This is a full-day class and runs from 9am-4pm.