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Best Art & Engineering Summer Camps in 2020 | Galileo Themes & Majors



Grouped by grade and nurtured by our incredible staff, campers take on art, science and outdoor activities, and they learn lasting innovation skills like collaboration and determination. Campers experience these mindset-shifting benefits in as little as a week and the impact grows significantly over multiple weeks and summers at camp.


5TH - 8TH


Designed for burgeoning visionaries, Galileo Summer Quest empowers 5th – 8th graders to take the next step in developing an innovator’s mindset. Campers choose from 10 immersive majors, picking from something they already love or new areas they’re excited to explore. Mix and match multiple majors for a summer of joy-filled innovation.


See you next summer!

Camp Galileo Summer 2023 enrollment will open later this year. We can't wait to see you!