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Camp Galileo | Amazing Summer Camp for Kids Pre-K to 6th Grade!

Camp Galileo

Big Savings Today, Bright Futures Ahead.

At Galileo, kids engage in the kind of meaningful, inspiring learning that helps them create a bright future—a future that starts right now.

Enroll in Camp Galileo today to save $50 per week (our best price of the year!), guarantee your first-choice camp dates and locations (don’t worry, it’s easy to reschedule if your plans change) and get that bright future off to a brilliant start.


Innovation for every age

Camp Galileo has five age-groups designed to deliver and experience that perfectly balances challenge and fun at every level.

Imagination-sparking Themes

Tailored by age-group and designed for optimal innovation, each of our STEAM focused weeklong themes features engaging hands-on projects, irresistible outdoor games and an immersive environment crafted to capture the imagination.

Amusement Park Adventure

Step right up to a playful park of your own design.

See it In Action

Castle Quest

Embark on an epic journey to medieval times.

See It In Action

Dinosaur Dig

Unearth an adventure of prehistoric proportions.

See It In Action

Join us this Summer

Camp Galileo Summer 2022 enrollment opens in January. We can't wait to see you!