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Oakland Summer Camp - Location TBD | Camp Galileo

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Oakland 2 Bay Area

We look forward to seeing you in Summer 2024.


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Camp Information

| Check-In/Out Information


During your Check-in window please park and walk your camper to the Check-in table near the school’s entrance. During your Check-in window please park and walk your camper to the Check-in table near the school’s entrance.

During your Check-out window of time please park and follow signs and staff who will direct you where to check out your camper.

For safety reasons and in order to maintain appropriate distancing, Monday Check-in and daily Check-out will be staggered as follows:

Monday Check-In

(based on last names)

A-F 8:30-8:40am
G-O 8:40-850am
P-Z 8:50-900am
Daily Check-Out

(based on last names)

A-F 3:00-3:10pm
G-O 3:05-315pm
P-Z 3:10-3:20pm

Families will Check in/out during their assigned window, according to their last name. We ask that families adhere as much as possible to their Check-in window. If you are responsible for multiple campers in different windows, please use the earlier window to drop off and pick up all campers if possible.

We require a parent or guardian to Check-in with campers on Monday. Shortly after Monday morning Check-in, you will receive an email detailing what to expect in the week ahead.

Tuesday-Friday, check-in will be from 8:45-9 and we will offer curbside drop off at all camps

| What To Bring Each Day

All items must be labeled with your camper’s name on it.




    (only on Thursday for Water Day)


    (After first Monday)


    (If applicable)


| On The Thursday Before Camp Week


Log in to your account and review your registration details, including Health History.


Check that you have included all of the right adults as emergency/authorized pick-up contacts


Make sure you have signed up for extended care if needed.

| Parking Information

Parking is available in the school parking lot.

| Contacting Camp

For anything urgent during camp hours:

Call the camp phone at (555) 555-5555.

For questions about your upcoming camp week, current week attendance or changes to your authorized pickups, call the camp phone at (555) 555-5555.

Get Ready For Summer Fun

Check out our camp guide for general camp information

Camp Galileo Guide

Oakland Summer Camps

Experience an extraordinary summer adventure at Camp Galileo like never before! From forging new friendships to uncovering exciting talents, our summer camp allows kids to get the most out of their summer break. If you’re looking for a stimulating and incredibly fun summer camp in Oakland, Camp Galileo is the perfect destination.

Endless Activities At Our Summer Camp in Oakland

As kids eagerly anticipate the upcoming camp season, they brim with excitement and are primed for a thrilling new expedition. Camp Galileo’s Oakland summer camp is a veritable goldmine of thrilling discoveries just waiting to be unearthed!

Each session at our day camp promises an exhilarating, new escapade. Whether your child craves unleashing their inner artist while painting vibrant stained-glass windows or seeks the intellectual rush of constructing catapults and tilt-a-whirls, Camp Galileo can guarantee that every camper will experience their most spectacular summer break.

But that’s not all – our Bay Area summer camp cultivates an environment that ignites innovation and nurtures new connections. Every activity involves an element of teamwork, ensuring that kids grasp the meaning of collaboration and friendship in everything they do. Whether they’re engaged in pulse-pounding relay races or tackling STEAM challenges, our summer camp activities will instill a sense of camaraderie while having an absolute blast.

Thrive at Galileo’s Oakland Summer Camp

In the heart of the vibrant Bay Area, Camp Galileo boasts an enchanting array of experiences at our day camp: mind-bending STEAM challenges, captivating skits, cherished camp rituals, and boundless chances to forge lasting friendships while honing essential life skills.

Ready to give your kids the summer they’ll be talking about for years to come? Enroll today to give them the summer of a lifetime.


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