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“This Fourth of July is Yours, Not Mine.”

There is no doubt that, for many of us, the Fourth of July conjures up nostalgia for carefree summer days, barbecues, and fireworks. The same is true for me. As a first-generation Black woman in America, there is also an... Read more

Solidarity in Action

At Galileo, we teach innovation, and we know that innovation is not just about inventing the coolest new tech gadget. In fact, our organization’s name invokes the rebellious spirit of a great thinker who faced house arrest as a result... Read more

Supporting Anti-Racism: Honest Dialogue & Concrete Action

As Galileans, we actively stand with our Black colleagues and against anti-Blackness and racism. For us, part of what it means to actively stand in solidarity means understanding we can never think we’ve arrived at an anti-racist destination. As scholar... Read more