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Meet Jamie, Program Director of Galileo Anywhere

Curious about the team behind the classes and after-school enrichment at Galileo Anywhere? Program Director Jamie is here to share a little about her own background, plus some of the things she’s most excited about for the fall. — Jamie... Read more

Distance Learning Tips for Educators, from Educators

It’s no secret that teaching is hard work—and that was before distance learning arrived on the scene en masse. If the new format is throwing you for a loop, you’re not alone. Teachers, kids, and caregivers are all navigating unfamiliar... Read more

Language Matters: 9 Ways to Build Workplace Trust

At Galileo HQ, we’ve made it our business to build hundreds of strong teams over the past two decades. Whether across summer staff, Camp Directors, or year-round employees, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to learn more ways to create spaces for... Read more