Educators: Welcome to Camp Galileo Anywhere LIBRARY

Free High-Quality, Easy-To-Use Projects to Engage Your Students in New Ways 

The Camp Galileo Anywhere Library offers educators hundreds of free online resources that enable you to leverage Galileo-style learning to supplement your teaching. With your free subscription, you gain access to supportive resources including engaging curriculum-focused videos that offer engaging project and active challenges for kids in Pre-K through 8th grade.

Each video challenge developed by our outstanding curriculum team also includes follow-up questions and ways to continue innovating. Your free subscription provides you with access to a variety fun printables, video-based read-along stories and other helpful content focused key mindsets and challenges that teach and reinforce the core principals of design thinking.

With your free subscription, you have access to amazing free (and kid-tested) activities that you can use to supplement your curriculum or build on these ideas to inspire new activities for your students.



No problem!

All of the video challenges can be created using everyday household materials and suggestions for substitutions are provided, allowing kids to problem solve. Being an innovator and using the Galileo Innovation Approach (GIA) means leaning into courage, trying new things, redesigning when needed, and celebrating marvelous mistakes along the way.



subscribe to the Camp Galileo Anywhere LIbrary

Your free subscription to the Camp Galileo Anywhere Library includes project and active challenges differentiated by age group (K – 2nd grade or 3rd – 5th grade) all centered around elements of the Galileo Innovator’s Mindset like Be Determined or Be Collaborative. You will also have access to fun printables, stories and other helpful content. All you need to subscribe is an email address, which you will use to access the library, and will allow us to send you notifications with new or relevant additions.


Leverage what works for you

There are many ways to use Camp Galileo Anywhere activities with your students. Here are some ideas:




Select and assign a specific activity to individual students or your class.

  • Make sure the materials list feels accessible for your students.
  • Have students watch the activity video (you can embed the YouTube video into a slide deck or watch it together online).
  • Review the activity steps together to check for understanding.
  • Give students time to work independently to create the project/do the activity.
  • Use the “guiding questions” and  “more ideas” sections to provide support as needed.
  • Ask students to answer the “wrap up questions” or review these questions in online discussion.
  • Have students share their work with you and each other according to the sharing prompts provided.


Invite your students to select at least one activity to add design, engineering or active content to their distance learning schedule. Have them share their work with you according to the sharing prompts provided.


We want to hear from you. Have you got other ideas for how to use Camp Galileo Anywhere with your students? Do you have a story to tell about how  the Library has worked for you? We want to know about it! Email We’ll be thrilled to add your ideas and inputs to our thinking.


The last step in the Galileo Innovator’s Process is SHARE. Post project photos, and invite colleagues and families to join the Camp Galileo Anywhere Facebook community!

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