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Classes for Rising Kindergarteners

Designed just for soon-to-be kindergarteners, our Pre-K offerings are engaging adventures your little learner will love. Every class is hosted by a different quirky character, ready to lead kids in a captivating combination of songs, movement, art and other activities that spark their imagination and ignite their inner innovator.



We know your kids have done a thousand Zooms by now. These are different. Our small group classes are led by enthusiastic instructors who know how to connect with kids, empowering them to express their ideas and share their designs. Engaged in fantastically fun hands-on projects, kids of every age build lasting innovation skills, game-changing confidence and the inspiration to keep creating long after class ends.

Week-Long Classes

Creativity Zone: Things That Go

Buckle your seatbelt for a fun-filled, creativity-fueled weeklong class. BE VISIONARY as you board imaginary vehicles to explore land, sea and air and BE DETERMINED to construct on-the-go contraptions to help you travel through time and perform tricky tasks.

Playful Pretenders: Ocean Voyagers

Dive into a weeklong underwater adventure, making gear to help you explore the ocean and art inspired by what you encounter. BE VISIONARY to imagine an array of incredible sea creatures and BE COURAGEOUS to try speaking and swimming like they do.

Creativity Zone: Legendary Kids

Meet a host of legendary characters in this enchanting weeklong adventure. BE DETERMINED to solve challenges and BE COURAGEOUS to share your ideas as you sing songs and make art inspired by swashbuckling pirates, regal royals and more.

Playful Pretenders: Garden Growers

Cultivate your creativity in a weeklong garden adventure. BE VISIONARY as you craft art inspired by flowers and food, BE DETERMINED to move your body like a sprouting seed and sing songs to celebrate the birds and bugs that help your imaginary garden grow.

Playful Pretenders: Space Travelers

Have a blast blasting off on a weeklong voyage into space! BE VISIONARY to craft one-of-a-kind space gear and BE COURAGEOUS to find new ways to walk, dance, draw, fly and build your way through an imagination-powered, out-of-this-world adventure.

Creativity Zone: Animal Kingdom

Explore the wide world of animals in this buzzy, fuzzy, fun-filled weeklong class. BE VISIONARY to embody a range of creatures big and small and BE COLLABORATIVE as you sing, slither and soar alongside your fellow animal explorers.

Imagination Station: Explore

Embark on a week’s worth of fearlessly fun explorations. BE VISIONARY to craft adventure-ready tools and inventive artwork. BE DETERMINED to solve clues and discover hidden treasure. Set a course for creativity as you sing, soar and explore through a series of unforgettable journeys.

Imagination Station: Create

Sing, play and create your way through this imaginative weeklong class. BE VISIONARY to dream up extraordinary creations and BE COLLABORATIVE in working with your fellow creators to invent everything from make-believe meals to fanciful fairytales.

Single-Session Classes

Treasure Hunt Adventure

Follow a mysterious map—and your imagination—on an epic treasure hunt. BE COLLABORATIVE as you work with your fellow adventurers to solve a series of clues and unearth hidden treasure.

Camping Adventure

Pack your bags for the pretend camping trip of a lifetime! BE REFLECTIVE as you set up camp and stock your site with carefully selected supplies, then craft cardboard marshmallows to “roast” around the campfire.

Art Adventure

Let your imagination lead the way in a remarkable artistic adventure. Make a single squiggle on your page, then BE VISIONARY as you transform its twists and turns into creative, colorful drawings.

Superhero Adventure

Leap into an amazing superhero adventure! BE VISIONARY as you help invent a bold, brand-new, super-powered hero who can save the day in super style.

Detective Adventure

Put your sleuthing skills to the test. Meet a master detective, create your own trusty telescope and BE DETERMINED as you play an illuminating game of I Spy to spot clues and solve the case.

Rescue Adventure

Follow your forest ranger guide into the imaginary outdoors to sing, draw and find clues on the search for an animal friend. BE DETERMINED as you pinpoint your pal’s location and make a daring ranger rescue!

Aviator Adventure

Join your intrepid aviator guide on a journey up, up and away! Sing songs and BE VISIONARY as you explore the sky around you, drawing pictures of what you see on the imaginary flight of a lifetime.

Rainbow Adventure

Capture your favorite colors in a radiant rainbow adventure. Meet a certified rainbow specialist, sing silly songs and BE COLLABORATIVE as you hunt for hues and decide where in the rainbow they belong.

Fairy Tale Adventure

Explore the fantastical worlds of your favorite fairytales. Fall into step with your gallant guide and BE VISIONARY on your quest to help create a brand-new tale in this happily-ever-after adventure.

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