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Online Classes - 4th & 5th Grade |
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Classes for Rising 4th & 5th Graders

Custom crafted for 4th & 5th graders, these classes offer kids the independence they crave, balanced by just the right amount of guidance in tackling new things. Fun, friendly instructors lead them in inspiring challenges from crafting to coding to cooking as they master next-level skills, explore what it means to be innovative and make each project they undertake uniquely their own.



We know your kids have done a thousand Zooms by now. These are different. Our small group classes are led by enthusiastic instructors who know how to connect with kids, empowering them to express their ideas and share their designs. Engaged in fantastically fun hands-on projects, kids of every age build lasting innovation skills, game-changing confidence and the inspiration to keep creating long after class ends.

Week-Long Classes

Tynker Camp: Video Game Design

Program and play your own video games in this fun-filled weeklong class (with a live instructor!). Learn block coding fundamentals in Tynker, BE VISIONARY to invent captivating games and experiences and BE COURAGEOUS to program them into original, playable reality. No prior coding experience required.

Culinary Kids: Sweet Treats

Make, bake and taste your way through this delicious weeklong class. BE DETERMINED to build your culinary skills and broaden your recipe repertoire and BE VISIONARY to create a suite of treats full of flavors, fruit fusions and fabulous decorations you design yourself.

Maker’s Studio: Real-World Inventions

Make an array of uniquely useful inventions in this hands-on weeklong class. BE DETERMINED to transform cardboard and duct tape into fun, functional objects and BE REFLECTIVE to notice how you can improve your creations’ comfort, strength and style.

Digital DIY: Virtual Reality

Dream up an original adventure in this immersive weeklong class. Learn the basics of coding in CoSpaces, BE VISIONARY as you invent three interactive acts and BE COLLABORATIVE by using feedback from your fellow world builders to ensure a clear, polished and fun finished experience.

Craft Stick DIY: Treehouse Architecture

Get your building skills in tip-top shape as you construct a custom treehouse. In this weeklong DIY challenge, you’ll BE DETERMINED to use real architectural ideas to engineer an elevated abode and BE VISIONARY to fill it with clever features of your own invention.

Maker’s Studio: Straw Engineering

Flex your building skills in this weeklong class as you engineer a straw organizer, bowl and lamp. BE REFLECTIVE to determine which pieces need reinforcement and BE COLLABORATIVE by building on others’ ideas to make your creations both sturdy and stunning.

Tynker Camp: Adventures in Coding

Set your coding skills in motion in this dynamic weeklong class. BE COURAGEOUS to learn coding and animation basics in Tynker, then BE VISIONARY to make a collection of moving masterpieces from animated games to interactive worlds. No prior coding experience required.

Duct Tape DIY: Treasure Box

Keep your prized possessions stowed in a safe you design yourself. BE COURAGEOUS in this weeklong class, taking on duct tape and cardboard construction challenges to build a custom treasure box. BE REFLECTIVE as you add secret compartments, sturdy locks and other super-secure features.

Single-Session Classes

Digital Artists: Zoom Background

Add some awesome to your online interactions. Dive into design app Canva, create compelling personalized patterns and BE DETERMINED to perfect your own virtual background before giving it a whirl on Zoom.

Duct Tape DIY: Summer Sandals

Step up your duct tape design skills with a pair of durable DIY sandals. Fashion custom soles and straps, then BE REFLECTIVE as you test for fit, tweak for comfort and embellish with personalized patterns or decals.

Culinary Kids: Gourmet Popsicles

Create your own icy artisanal treat! Make a custom simple syrup to pair with your favorite fruits and juices. BE REFLECTIVE as you blend, taste and tweak your recipe to achieve refreshing, ready-to-share popsicle perfection.

Duct Tape DIY: Cool Cases

Craft a cool, convenient carrying case using just duct tape and paper. BE DETERMINED as you master the tricky, sticky basics of duct tape construction—plus some awesome upgrades—and persevere until your case is complete.

Virtual Worlds: Chase Scene Coding

Get your coding skills up to speed with an animated virtual chase scene. Use interactive app CoSpaces and some simple code to create a custom 3D chase. BE DETERMINED as you perfect your immersive experience.

Cardboard Designers: Stellar Spaceships

Blast off into innovation with a spectacular spaceship sculpture. Learn cutting-edge cutting and folding techniques, and BE VISIONARY as you transform paper and cardboard into a space-ready rocket with inventive custom features.

Virtual Worlds: Dream House

Invent your own immersive virtual world and a dreamy dwelling to go in it. Learn the fundamentals of 3D modeling in CoSpaces, then BE VISIONARY as you imagine an entirely unique house you can create, populate and walk through.

Paper Engineers: High-Flying Rockets

Launch a mission to the moon with your own air-powered rocket. Engineer a paper launch tube and rocket body with aerodynamic nosecone and fins. BE DETERMINED as you test and tweak your rocket until it’s mission-ready.

Paper Engineers: Majestic Castles

Make a mighty castle fit for a monarch. Master advanced paper-construction techniques to engineer drawbridges, towers, windows, walls and more. BE COURAGEOUS by sharing your royal residence with your fellow builders.

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