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Online Classes - 2nd & 3rd Grade | Camp Galileo Anywhere
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Online Classes for Rising 2nd & 3rd Graders

Boost your rising 2nd & 3rd grader’s creative confidence with experiences that engage and inspire. Led by enthusiastic instructors, our classes for this age group are designed to teach kids (sometimes tricky, always satisfying) new skills as they set big goals, rise to meet them and stay determined along the way. They’ll leave with newfound abilities and plenty of ideas to fuel future innovations.



We know your kids have done a thousand Zooms by now. These are different. Our small group classes are led by enthusiastic instructors who know how to connect with kids, empowering them to express their ideas and share their designs. Engaged in fantastically fun hands-on projects, kids of every age build lasting innovation skills, game-changing confidence and the inspiration to keep creating long after class ends.

Week-Long Classes

Wonder Workshop: Robot Code Masters

Code your own virtual robot in this wondrous weeklong class. BE COURAGEOUS to master coding in Blockly as you explore Dash’s Neighborhood by Wonder Workshop. BE VISIONARY to teach your brilliant bot Dash to speak, dance, race and react in inventive and wonderful ways. No prior programming experience required.

Paper Builders: Monster Puppet Theater

Craft your own ferociously fun monster puppet. BE VISIONARY as you dream up an inventive movable monster, BE DETERMINED as you build its body and background scenery using innovative paper printing and construction techniques and get ready to scare up some applause on stage.

Paper Builders: Incredible Architecture

Architect your own paper city in this inventive weeklong class. BE VISIONARY as you imagine delightful destinations from zoos and castles to towers and treehouses, then BE DETERMINED to learn paper construction skills to shore up your one-of-a-kind creations.

Creative Kids: Story Artists

Tell your own tale in this imaginative weeklong class. BE VISIONARY in dreaming up ideas for expressive comic strips, engaging storybooks and more. BE DETERMINED to bring your inventive stories to life as you master the arts of illustration, storytelling, paper crafting and book binding.

Creative Kids: Interstellar Explorers

Explore the outer reaches of space in this weeklong class. BE REFLECTIVE as you build an atmosphere-exiting rocket, BE DETERMINED to balance a gravity-simulating spacecraft and have a blast creating alien-inspired artwork on an epic voyage to a neighboring star.

Paper Builders: Awesome Amusement Parks

Step right up to your own amusement park in this wondrous weeklong class. BE COURAGEOUS to learn paper construction skills as you engineer an array of coasters, contraptions and creative attractions, then BE REFLECTIVE as you test them for sturdiness and safety.

Toy Makers: Brilliant Board Games

Get on board with DIY fun in this weeklong game-making class. BE VISIONARY to invent your own board game, learn paper construction and printing skills to create it, then BE REFLECTIVE as you playtest, tweaking your game’s components to achieve ready-to-play perfection.

Toy Makers: Inventor’s Workshop

Embrace your inner toymaker in this fantastically fun weeklong class. BE VISIONARY as you invent cool custom features for toys that twist, twirl, fly high and move like magic, then BE DETERMINED to transform ordinary materials into an array of extraordinary playthings.

Paper Builders: Spectacular Superheroes

Create a collection of gear for an especially super superhero—you! In this weeklong class, you’ll BE COURAGEOUS to share ideas for your super identity and BE DETERMINED as you master paper construction skills to make a custom costume, grappling hook, super vehicle and more!

Creative Kids: Monster Makers

Craft your own ferociously fun monster puppet. BE VISIONARY as you dream up an inventive movable monster, BE DETERMINED as you build its body and background scenery using innovative paper printing and construction techniques and get ready to scare up some applause on stage.

Single-Session Classes

Toy Makers: Whizzy Dizzy Spinners

Put your own spin on a classic toy. BE DETERMINED to construct a well-balanced top, fine-tune your spinning technique and create optical illusion-adorned toppers that dazzle at dizzying speeds.

Paper Builders: Design a Zoo

BE VISIONARY as you let your imagination run wild to design the zoo of your dreams. Master paper folding to fashion 3D animals, enclosure walls and other features to bring your fiercely inventive creation to life.

Toy Makers: Magical Magna-Stories

Make a magnificent scene that moves like magic. BE VISIONARY as you invent your own character and setting, bring them to life using paper and cardboard and move them with the mysterious power of magnets.

Toy Makers: Expression Twisters

Design your own expressive turning toy. BE REFLECTIVE as you explore your own facial expressions, then use what you learn to create a twistable toy that can mix and match moods with hilarious results!

Cardboard Creators: Rubber Band Cannons

Ready, aim, fire! BE DETERMINED as you transform a few simple supplies into a propulsive, rubber band-powered cannon and a fortified fortress you design to withstand its paper-cannonball barrage.

Paper Builders: Mighty Tall Towers

Set your sights sky high as you engineer a towering paper structure. Learn construction techniques, harness the power of strong shapes and BE REFLECTIVE as you build, test and rebuild the tallest, sturdiest tower ever.

Paper Builders: Majestic Castles

Make a mighty castle fit for a monarch. Master the basics of building strong, stately shapes with paper as you engineer walls, drawbridges and towers. BE COURAGEOUS by sharing your royal residence with your fellow builders.

Cardboard Creators: Stellar Spaceships

Explore the outer limits of your imagination with a cool custom spaceship. BE VISIONARY as you cut, fold and craft simple cardboard and paper into a remarkable rocket, complete with far-out features you invent yourself.

Cardboard Creators: Alien Masks

Outfit yourself for out-of-this-world fun with an awesome alien mask. Experiment with paper-shaping techniques and BE VISIONARY as you imagine, craft and color every eye-catching element of your extraterrestrial.

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