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Online Classes - 1st Grade |
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Live Online Classes for 1st Grade Kids

Our classes for rising 1st graders are specifically tailored to capture their imaginations and cultivate their innovative abilities. Led by nurturing, attentive instructors, each engaging offering focuses on building motor skills, independence and comfort with trying new things, plus plenty of pride in the projects they’re constructing or crafting—all on their own!



We know your kids have done a thousand Zooms by now. These are different. Our small group classes are led by enthusiastic instructors who know how to connect with kids, empowering them to express their ideas and share their designs. Engaged in fantastically fun hands-on projects, kids of every age build lasting innovation skills, game-changing confidence and the inspiration to keep creating long after class ends.

Week-Long Classes

Wonder Workshop: Robot Coders

Code your own virtual robot in this wondrous weeklong class. BE COURAGEOUS to master coding in Blockly as you explore Dash’s Neighborhood by Wonder Workshop. BE VISIONARY to teach your brilliant bot Dash to speak, dance, race and react in inventive and wonderful ways. No prior programming experience required.

Creative Constructors: Tiny Diner

Design your own restaurant—and the food to go in it—in this invitingly innovative weeklong class. BE DETERMINED to hone your paper and cardboard crafting skills and BE VISIONARY as you make inventive dishes, cool food storage and a creatively themed mini restaurant model.

Lego® Builders: Road Trip

Take your Lego on the go in a weeklong road trip adventure, building spectacular interlocking inventions along the way. BE VISIONARY to incorporate innovative features and BE REFLECTIVE to notice where your creations can be redesigned for more strength, symmetry or originality.

Story Quest: Wild Garden Adventure

Shrink down to bug size for a larger-than-life weeklong adventure. Become a character in an original story about an experiment gone wrong, BE VISIONARY to illustrate your journey and BE DETERMINED to construct inventions that help you navigate a giant garden and return to regular size.

Creative Constructors: Dinosaur Family

Get ready for a roaringly good time in this weeklong dinosaur adventure. BE VISIONARY to transform printed, folded and cut paper into a fierce dino, hatching eggs and a textured nest. BE DETERMINED as you fortify and camouflage your nest against predators.

Creative Constructors: Carnival Games

Prepare to play at a carnival you create yourself. In this weeklong class, you’ll BE DETERMINED to learn paper construction and drawing techniques to make a fun game every day and BE REFLECTIVE as you improve them with rules of your own design.

Story Quest: Treasure Hunt

Set sail on a weeklong island adventure. Listen to an original tale about a pair of plucky monkeys, BE VISIONARY by creating imaginative illustrations to accompany it and BE DETERMINED in constructing three-dimensional inventions to help your heroes along the way.

Story Quest: Space Expedition

Take off on a weeklong outer-space adventure. Listen to an original story about an intrepid alien, BE VISIONARY by creating imaginative illustrations to accompany it and BE DETERMINED in constructing three-dimensional inventions to help your hero along the way.

Single-Session Classes

Paper Crafters: Design a Zoo

BE VISIONARY as you let your imagination run wild to design the zoo of your dreams. Learn paper folding skills to fashion 3D animals and drawing techniques to bring your fiercely inventive creation to life.

Paper Crafters: Fantastic Fireworks

Craft a paper firework that really pops! Learn about radial symmetry and BE DETERMINED as you create two beautifully balanced drawings, then fold them into a firework that “explodes” open and tucks into a custom case.

Paper Crafters: High-Flying Hoop Gliders

Watch your engineering skills soar as you craft your own graceful glider from simple supplies. BE REFLECTIVE by experimenting with paper construction techniques to find the highest-flying, smoothest-landing design.

Story Magic: Illustration

Get drawn into an epic story full of mystery, imagination and illustration. Listen to an original tale, learn drawing techniques and BE VISIONARY as you bring the story to life in your one-of-a-kind book illustrations.

Story Magic: Engineering

Build the foundation for a story full of magic and marvelous contraptions. Listen to an original tale, learn paper construction techniques and BE DETERMINED as you construct real projects to help your hero complete a courageous quest.

Art Explorers: Marker Magic

Make your mark with marker art! Experiment with unconventional marker techniques, using them to dye, tie-dye and print. BE REFLECTIVE as you explore how to make your next marker masterpiece even more marvelous.

Paper Crafters: Quirky Creatures

Transform simple pieces of paper into a simply incredible creation. Explore a variety of versatile paper-shaping techniques, then BE VISIONARY as you use them to craft a one-of-a-kind paper creature.

Lego® Builders: Symmetrical Structures

Investigate the beautiful balance of your favorite building bricks. Learn the ins and outs of symmetry, then BE COURAGEOUS as you design, build and share your way through a series of symmetrical Lego challenges.

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