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Art Explorers: Creator's Corner | Camp Galileo Anywhere Online Camp

Art Explorers: Creator’s Corner

Age: 1st Grade (in 2020-21 school year)

Duration: 1 hour 20 min, Mon–Fri

Price: $125

"This was a breath of fresh air after months of boring Zoom lessons with little to no interaction. This is the first class she's taken online where the emphasis was actually on doing hands-on projects. My daughter loved the projects, was proud of what she did and would run to the chair every morning waiting for the next installment. It was wonderful!"
-Rochelle Thielen, Burbank, CA

What You'll Do

Discover an array of artistic possibilities in this transformative weeklong class. Turn everyday materials into dimensional, unconventional works of art as you draw, dye, cut and construct a crafty collection of masterpieces.

Imagine what emotions look like in shape and color, then create a piece of abstract art inspired by your feelings. Try dyeing and printing with markers, taking time to BE REFLECTIVE and hone your technique. Explore all the ways you can create and construct with paper—crumpling for texture, accordion folding for movement, tent folding for 3D figures—and BE VISIONARY as you use them to make a fantastical creature, a fiercely inventive zoo and a festive paper firework that “explodes” open. Come away with a range of inspiring new skills and a wild, expressive, explosive assortment of art.

Note: This weeklong class is more than just innovation-igniting projects—it’s an immersive experience full of delightful details, including interactive games, silly traditions, snacks (see Materials, below) and dress-up days designed to build community, bolster confidence and deliver loads of camp-away-from-camp fun.

The curriculum combines some of our most popular creative projects. If you’ve taken our single-session Quirky Creatures, Emotion Drawings, Marker Masterpieces, Fantastic Fireworks or Amazing Zoos classes, your child will be familiar with some of the week’s activities—and have the chance to put a new spin on a project they’ve done before.

What You'll Need

  • 1 set of disposable chopsticks or 2 popsicle sticks
  • 1 unwrapped crayon or pastel
  • 1 damp sponge
  • 1 white plastic bag
  • 1-2 sheets of paper towel
  • 1 paper towel tube
  • 1 piece of cardboard
  • 16-20 sheets of standard-size paper
  • 1 set of washable markers
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Pencil
  • Snack: Please have a snack and drink ready for your child approximately one hour into class.

* See the welcome email that arrives after you register for more detailed material lists broken out by day.

  • Computer or tablet with speaker and camera
  • Internet access
  • Zoom application installed
    • Signed in with your child’s name
    • Unmuted (the instructor will manage class muting/unmuting)

What You'll Take Away arrow

  • Paper folding, dyeing and construction techniques
  • Foundational drawing practice
  • The skills to be reflective and seek to improve your work
  • The skills to be visionary and imagine things that don’t yet exist
  • A collection of masterpieces, including a quirky creature, a mixed-emotion drawing, a trio of inventive marker art, an “exploding” folded firework and a 3D zoo

Join the Community

The last step in the Galileo Innovator’s Process is SHARE. Great learning can come from sharing successes and failures—to solidify your own experience as an innovator and to inspire others.

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