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active challenge:

extreme Hopscotch

Suggested Ages: K – 5th Grades

100 times more fun and innovative than regular hopscotch! This active challenge will get your body and brain to work together to play a custom game of hopscotch indoors or outside. Get ready to think outside of the hopscotch box and BE DETERMINED to make your game as fun and challenging as possible!

This is no ordinary DIY activity for kids: It’s a step toward becoming an innovator.


Every Galileo Active Challenge gets kids moving and teaches the same mindsets that professional designers, engineers, artists and athletes use in their work. With skills like these, we believe you can change the world.

Get Involved—For Grown Ups

Materials list:

Help your child find these materials or a close substitute: 


  • Chalk—if playing outside
  • Masking tape and scissors—if playing inside


Activity Steps:

Use these to keep your innovator on track as they play: 


    1. Find a safe and open space to play in.
    2. Create a path of symbols using chalk or tape. Assign an action to each symbol.
    3. Test your hopscotch course! Try to make it all the way to the end of the path doing all the assigned actions.
    4. Keep adding to the path and be determined to make it more fun and challenging.


Guiding Questions:

If your child is stuck, try asking these questions to help them keep on innovating: 


  • What are some actions that are fun to do? What kind of simple symbol (shape, line, color) can you make for that action?
  • Try out your path so far. Is it too hard/ easy? What might you add or change to make it more fun?


More Ideas:

Every activity presents opportunities to add your own twists or extensions. Here are some ideas to get you started: 


  • You may want to suggest that younger kids limit the number of different symbols they use so they can remember what each means.
  • To help kids explore different combinations to refine their game, suggest that they try starting at the “end” and playing their game backwards to see if any new ideas arise.
  • With limited space, encourage kids to redesign by redoing/ adjusting parts of the path they’ve already created (as opposed to just adding onto the end). You can even challenge them to start over completely and come up with a totally different kind of course. Or have them keep their symbol layout and just modify the actions to redesign their game.
  • Make it collaborative! For one or more players, take turns adding the next symbol–add either a copy of an already defined symbol or make up a brand new one.


Wrap Up Questions:

Lock in the learning by asking your child these questions about the activity and how they practiced the featured Innovator’s Mindset element: 


  • What part of your hopscotch game is the most fun/ challenging? Why?
  • How were you determined to make the most fun hopscotch game possible? Did you work extra hard on a certain part? Did you redesign to make it better?


The last step in the Gallieo Innovator’s Process is SHARE. Great learning can come from sharing successes and failures—to solidify your own experience as an innovator and to inspire others.


Share with Galileo


Take a video of your child going through their extreme hopscotch course and share it with the Camp Galileo Anywhere community.






Your innovation doesn’t stop with you. Inspire someone else by sharing your active challenge—maybe they’ll try it themselves or maybe your experience will give them a new idea.


  • Who: someone in your house, a family member, a friend
  • How: in person, on the phone, online
  • When: anytime, starting now!